Vacancy: Industrial cleaner(s)

What will be your job?

As an industrial cleaner you are part of the production process of companies in the food industry. You are responsible for cleaning and disinfection work of production lines and installations in production departments and work areas and offices. Among other things, you use high and low-pressure cleaners and various disinfecting cleaning agents.

You are indispensable for a safe and clean production environment. Your commitment is very important for the quality of foodstuffs and consumers’ health.

Work hours

We have various options with various clients. Our employees have the option of working on various days and hours. Number of hours in consultation.

Who are you?

The ideal candidate takes responsibility and is self-confident. A hard worker who is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and has an eye for detail. You will work in an environment where foodstuffs are processed, so it is very important to work orderly and hygienically. You are expected to handle strict protocols and work programmes.

You are an eager and quick learner. We take care of supervision and will teach you all important issues to make sure that the work is carried out safely and correctly. You are eager to guarantee the standards and qualities of our company together with your future colleagues. And you are a real team player.

What do we ask of you?

Sufficient knowledge of the Dutch or English language
Work experience in industrial cleaning or willingness to learn the skills
You are in the possession of the required diplomas and VCA or willing to obtain them
You have a representative appearance
You are flexibly employable

What do we offer you?

Respect cleaning offers you  a nice job in a challenging work environment. We are committed to our employees and attach great importance to a good work atmosphere. We reward our employees with a market-rate salary, training and career opportunities.

Want to apply?

If you recognise yourself in this vacancy, we would like to meet you. React quickly using the application form below.

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